Socio-political perceptions are inevitable in a context full of political seeds - where even objects have implicit political stigmas. My work explores the relationships between the Self and Others, in connection with objects, emphasizing dialogues that culminate when tragedy and excitement converge as an uprising. Using “mise en abîme” - as a structure inspired by One Thousand and One Nights - I create stories within a story.

By deconstructing my memory into fragments that are later reshuffled, stacked, layered in matched and mismatched ways, I create emotional puzzles, enacting imaginary archives that are intertwined with labyrinthine socio-political connotations. Thus they acquire a new identity with new layers of complexity, acting as scaffolding to archives and memories to be imagined.  These installations are the sort of daily lunacy - expressed through a variety of moods, materials, gestures, light, textures, along with both specificity and erasure of time and space - that evoke the remembrance of people through their absence.